Saturday, November 9, 2013


Janet Reid's latest Writing contest!

With a twist.

Write a story using 100 words or less. In the story you must use a word to describe a multitude of something. (It will help if you post the phrase at the end of the story as well, just in case I miss it. That last sentence will NOT be counted as part of the 100 words)   Example: A quarrel of stepchildren gathered to hear the reading of the not dead soon enough family patriarch. The word MUST be original: no "murder of crows" or "bevy of beauties" kind of thing. 
Here's my entry:

He threw back another shot and fired up a Lucky Strike as the 1947 Wurlitzer came to life with Sinatra's "I’ve Got A Crush On You."

Nick’s strained face eased. “Hey, doll, remember that song?"

She smiled. “It was playing when you introduced yourself.”

“You were standing in a flutter of fillies around that jukebox listening to it.”

She stood up. "I gotta go."

He grabbed her hand. "Come on, doll, let's give it another shot...okay?"

"It just didn't work out, Nick."

As she left, she dropped some nickels in the Wurlitzer so Frank could keep Nick company.


What do you call a group of female fans? A flutter.

And the winner is: Not I. Not even a mention.


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