Saturday, November 16, 2013


Yup, it's another Janet Reid 100-word contest.
The paint yourself into a corner writing contest 
Yes, the painting continues.
Yes, I'm out of my mind.
Yes, I've repainted one ACCENT wall...six times.
Yes, this is getting out of hand.
When things get out of hand it's time to have a writing contest.
Use these words in the story: straw, butterfly, wing, sage, peach
Bonus points if you know what the common thread is for those words.
My entry (an acrostic message in a mere 46 words):

Perhaps you could brighten that peachy one a bit? No, not gonna work.
Ahhh, Butterfly Wings. Yes, I like it!
I don't like the Straw at all.
Nope, not a'tall. And Texas Sage? Hmmmm...
Texas Sage might work, if it doesn't fight with the
Snot-green sofa.

UPDATE: The fact that I didn't win comes as no surprise. After all, my entry wasn't really a story. But once again I got special recognition:  Special recognition for getting everything right including the name of the couch!


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