Saturday, October 25, 2014


Janet Reid announces: The Missing Place Writing Contest!

If you haven't read all of Sophie Littlefield's books I urge you to ameliorate this dreadful state of affairs at once.

If all the copies are on reserve at your library, here's a chance to win her most recent book THE MISSING PLACE.  (Let's just say my sox were knocked off so often while reading this I finally just abandoned them completely and stuck with flip flops)

Usual rules apply:
1. Write a story using 100 words or fewer
2. Use each of these words in the story: oil, boom, mother, ice, shower
You can use the word as part of a larger word but it must be appear in whole form: oil/spoil is ok but ice/icicle is not.
3. Post your entry in the comment column of THIS blog post.
4. If you need a do over, delete your entry and post another.  [It helps to compose on a word .doc then paste to the comment box when done]
5. Entries outside the US are ok.
6. Contest opens Saturday (10/25/14) at 10am and closes on Sunday (10/26/14) at 10am.  

"Save your money, son," the private investigator said. "Don't waste another dime on this."

Even my mother-in-law believed Vicki was cheatin' on me, but I still clung to denial.

"Follow her and see for yourself."

Her car was at the motel, parked next to the Chevy Silverado with Texas plates and an "Etoile VFD" sticker. 

I saw her...with him...through a gap in the drapes. Her boombox was on the dresser.

I drove home, showered, opened a bottle of Jack Daniels and tried to erase the image of my wife's magnificent body eagerly responding to her Texas fireman's touch. 


What a bummer. After all the work I put into writing my story, and feeling proud of myself for using a couple of unusual versions of the prompt words, Janet Reid chickened out on making a final decision. She wants the readers to decide from a list of six: 
I can't decide who the winner is. How about you weigh in on the choice in the comments section?


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