Sunday, January 19, 2014


I lost my phone on the train to Philadelphia a while back. I had to email all my clients to let them know I had a new cell phone number. Here's what one of them wrote back:
"Reacher took his seat on the train, leaned back and shut his eyes. He felt something underneath him, in the crease below the seatback. He reached down and took hold of it: a cell phone someone had lost. Well, it shouldn't be hard to locate the owner, and returning the thing should be pretty straightforward. How much trouble could he get in?" 
Doesn't that just beg for a writing contest? I thought so too.
Usual rules: write a story using the above as a prompt. 100 words or fewer.
Post in the comment column of THIS blog post.
Contest opens Saturday January 18 at 7am. Contest closes Sunday January 19 at 7am. All times are Eastern Shark Time.
Bonus points if you can work in the name of the client who wrote the prompt paragraph or the title of the book or books the client wrote.

Here's my entry (book titles in bold): 

She had been The Affair in Reacher's life. He tried to Persuader to Never Go Back to her husband. But when she fired that One Shot at Jack, its Echo Burning still in his memory, he realized she considered him The Enemy. He learned The Hard Way she was Bad Luck and Trouble, not Worth Dying For. He became A Wanted Man with Nothing To Lose, at one point Running Blind for 61 Hours. Finding her cell triggered a Tripwire of memories. According to her texts, she was still gunning for him. He'll be Gone Tomorrow, or Die Trying

UPDATE: Once again I did not win, but I did get special recognition. "Absolutely amazing work on Lee Child titles" Not bad, considering I didn't know about this contest until it was underway. I wrote it in about 2 hours. 


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