Thursday, August 8, 2013


The author A.S. King is holding a Janet Reid-type contest, which is fitting since Janet Reid is where I read about it

WIN an advance copy of REALITY BOY! 
Want to win an ARC of REALITY BOY?
All you have to do is follow 3 little rules, and you're in. Go crazy. You have two whole weeks.

  • Your story MUST start with this sentence: Janet was early. 
  • Your story MUST end with this sentence: Of course, she didn't. 
  • Your story must be 100 words or less
DEADLINE: Sunday August 18th at 11:59PM EST
PRIZE: A signed Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of REALITY BOY. Please leave your entry in the comment area of this blog and don't forget your email address!

Winner chosen by three anonymous judges, a cosmic spider and a magic 8 ball and will be announced a few days after that deadline. 

Here's my entry (posted HERE on the contest post): 

Janet was early. 
Janet was surly 
without her evening fifth. 
"Retract your talons,
it's coming in a jiff." 

"I loathe these parties 
with artsy-fartsies," 
she said draining her drink. 
"Would your loathing be less 
if you were the guest?" 
"Of course, what do you think?" 

 She spied Miss Snark 
in the dark; 
Clooney was her date. 
Setting her sights 
"He's mine by rights!" 
determined to make him HER mate. 

She made her move, 
swift and smooth. 
With * Janet he's now smitten. 
 "Miss Snark not see 
you stole Mr. C?" 
"What do you think? Of course, she didn't." 

* 8/14/2013 I changed the word "It's" to "With" here but I couldn't in the contest version. Just hope it doesn't affect a decision. I don't know why I didn't realize that before I posted it for the contest.

UPDATE: Today (Tues.8/20/2013) A.S. King tweeted that the winner will be announced Friday. "Promise." I hope she means this Friday.

UPDATE: (Thursday, August 22nd) She announced the winners; it was a tie, and I didn't win. But I loved entering!


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