Saturday, May 5, 2012


Usual rules: write a story using 100 or fewer words. Post the story in the comments column of THIS blog post. If you need a mulligan, delete and repost. 

Only ONE entry per person is official. 

Include the following words in your story: double, trouble, bubble, twin, spin. It runs through Sunday, May 6, at 7am.

I'm on the treadmill warming up to Tito Nieves and Santana.

I close my eyes and I’m dancing. Amazingly, I look like Maria Conchita Alonso's twin and dance like her double in "Moscow on the Hudson." My partner tires when "Smooth" begins playing, and that’s when Andy Garcia appears.

“Will your wife mind?”
“No, she broke her leg. And your husband, will he be trouble?"
"He's not here."

I’m dancing with Andy Garcia. He holds me, he spins me, his cheek brushes mine. I'm in heaven!

And that's when my husband appears -- "When's dinner?" -- and the bubble bursts.


UPDATE: Well, that was quick! In fact, I think it's a first for Janet Reid. It's been a mere three hours since the contest was closed and the winner was posted.  "Nothing like a nice train ride from Boston to NYC to provide enough time to read the contest entries and name a winner!"

I didn't win this time; I've never won, although once I made her finalist list.  Still, I love entering her contests. It's writing. It's writing on a schedule. It's writing using certain criteria: usually 100 words max and include her list of 5 words.  I've learned that it's easier to write the story first and then find a way to include the words, and her tastes in writing and mine aren't the same.


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  1. Moscow on the Hudson was a 1984 movie, made five years before the Iron Curtain came down, starring Robin Williams. It was a comedy filled with poignant moments like this one.